The Trails of Fairfield Glade

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Hiking Opportunities in Fairfield Glade

An overview of the hiking opportunities in Fairfield Glade.

Maps. Maps and more Maps

Maps and descriptions for all the trails and hikes in Fairfield Glade.

Volunteer Opportunities

Find out how you can help.

The Organization: Trails Committee and FOTT

The trail system in Fairfield Glade was constructed by a partnership between the Trails Committee and the Friends of the Trails.

Have you heard about the hiking marathon?

Fairfield Glade Cycling

Find out more about the cycling group here in Fairfield Glade. Sign up for email news and  download trail maps.

Reporting Maintenance Problems

We have a system that lets you report a maintenance issue on a particular trail and the appropriate maintenance volunteers are automatically notified.


There are lots of things to do in Fairfield Glade after your hike.